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Shooting ... I enjoy competition shooting with me .45 cal. Para ordinance and my .44 cal. Smith and Wesson. I have won awards in both open and limited class. Open class you can have any kind of compensation or scope. Limited class means no compensators, no scopes, shoot it as it came stock.

Computers ... I enjoy surfing the net and upgrading my home computer. My computer is a home built, Dual Pentium processors mother board with 128 Meg of memory, 20 GIG hard drive, SyJet 1.5 GIG removable drive, Riva TNT graphics card, US Robotics voice modem , 8X4X32 cd RW drive, tape backup, SyQuest EZ135, FM radio, and SB Platinum Live.
I like sound files and graphic files, in fact I have many WAV and VOC files to share. If you send me a sound or graphic file i'll send you one back.

Movies .... I try not to miss a good movie .

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